TAVI With Coronary Protection – A Rare Cardiac Procedure on 72-year-Old Patient at Continental Hospitals


TAVI With Coronary Protection – A Rare Cardiac Procedure on 72-year-Old Patient at Continental Hospitals

Mrs Annasurya Voggu, a 72-year-old patient from Hyderabad underwent a rare, and complicated cardiac procedure at Continental Hospitals. The procedure, known as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) with Coronary Protection, was performed by Dr Abhishek Mohanty, Interventional Cardiologist and the patient is now recuperating well, with excellent prognosis.

The patient was presented at the hospital with a history of shortness of breath, palpitations, and extremely high blood pressure within the heart cavity. She was diagnosed with a malfunction of the aortic valve and severe left ventricular dysfunction. Periodic episodes of blackouts, persistent chest pain, and low body weight further complicated her condition and a low origin of the left sided coronary artery meant that a regular TAVI procedure was not going to be enough to alleviate her condition.

Having considered all the possibilities, Dr Abhishek Mohanty discussed the pros & cons of the procedure with the family and explained the high-risk nature of the procedure. While a regular TAVI procedure is fairly straightforward with a 5-10% morbidity and mortality risk, in this particular procedure the risk was much higher at 10-30%. The patient also had a bicuspid valve, as opposed to a tricuspid valve and this further increased the possibility of a brain stroke.

As part of the contingency measures, there was an ECMO backup made available and Dr Mohanty employed a chimney stent to ensure the patient did not suffer a sudden cardiac arrest on the table. With the malfunctioning valve replaced and the lower origin artery stented, the patient has since made excellent recovery.

Recuperating at home and looking forward to a more qualitative life ahead, Mrs Annasurya now presents a picture of health and happiness.


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