Message from Founder and Director

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Message From Founder and Director

Dr Guru N Reddy

Founder and Chairman

Continental Hospitals is founded and established with a vision to encompass both a focus on healing and a commitment to well-being of a patient.

Delivering an exceptional patient experience is both a clinical and a business imperative in today’s healthcare environment. And to do it consistently is not easy. It requires leadership diligence, engaged employees and physicians, standard practices, and a strong culture committed to always placing the patient and family at the center of the conversation.

I am proud to say after decades of my physician leadership and clinical work in the United States, I have deeply understood the essential components of a successful and sustainable patient experience. Today’s patients and their families expect not only safe, high-quality medical treatment but also courtesy, short wait times, and amenities as well as comfortable waiting lobbies, clean and environmentally friendly patient care areas.

At Continental Hospitals we strive every day to instill a patient-first culture wherein all employees understand their unique role in creating a positive patient experience. Staff at every level are dedicated, mindful, passionate about the impact they make towards patients’ healing.

We encourage ourselves to ask, “If it were my mother, sister, brother or child in that hospital bed, would I do anything differently?”, and that philosophy drives our staff to take that extra step in every patient interaction, at every hour of the day. We will not cease to elevate this experience and continue to distinguish ourselves in our communities at large.

“Your Healthcare journey at Continental Hospitals will reflect strength, trust, grace, empathy and smile.”

Dr Guru N Reddy