How to stay stress-free during COVID-19 lockdown

People are suggested to main ‘social distance’ to ensure the menace of coronavirus does not find a breeding ground
in the form of easy transmission between people.

HYDERABAD: Unforeseen circumstances require unprecedented measures! And today India is under an unprecedented “lockdown” for 21-days to fight the global pandemic coronavirus. The lockdown would mean people would not be allowed to step out of their homes freely and will have restricted access to even everyday essential commodities.

People are suggested to main ‘social distance’ to ensure the menace of coronavirus does not find a breeding ground
in the form of easy transmission between people. However, for a large section of people in Indian society, this
is unacceptable! It has been noticed that people are not just worried about their economic prospects; but also
expressing anguish over getting restricted to their residences.

Risk factors : Commenting on the risks, Dr. Jyotirmayi K, Consultant Psychiatrist, Continental Hospitals said,
“Lockdown or other restrictions to daily routine will be stressful and there surely are going to be some psychological impacts on people. To avoid greater damage from happening time and again, we humans need to work harder enduring some levels of stress; and must realize that this phase too will pass soon.”

To keep yourself active

  • Remind yourself that this is a temporary phase
  • Remember that you are a hero, and doing this for the community
  • Stay connected with near & dear via phone, email, social media
  • Sleep at regular routines to find each passing day relaxing
  • Stay physically active to ensure mental agility
  • Maintain balance by allocating specific work hours, and take regular breaks
  • Focus on doing household chores and share burden with family members
  • Avoid news and social media if you find it distressing

“On an everyday basis, most people state they do not find time for themselves for their wellbeing. This 21-day
lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity for people to spend time on themselves. Doing Yoga, speaking to
family members, remembering past/childhood memories, speaking to old friends and reminiscing past memories could
be a perfect way to keep oneself active and keep off from anxiety,” concluded Dr. Jyotirmayi. Another risk associated with this lockdown is the possibility of one retreating into a sedentary lifestyle, and thus adding many kilograms to the bodyweight.

Commenting on this, Zeenath Fatima, Consultant Dietician, Continental Hospitals said, “During normal days many
people tend to eat at restaurants or foods prepared not at home, doing no great favor to the human body. Put under
restrictions, now people are forced to opt for home-cooked food, which is the best and healthiest option any day.
Eating green-leafy and other regular vegetables will not increase weight and during these stressful times, avoiding
meat or meat-based foods could be a better idea.” Life under a lockdown situation can negatively affect mental health, causing post-traumatic stress, confusion and even anger. But by keeping your active life going and maintaining peace in life is the best solution to ensure you wade through these difficult times with ease.