Dr Manisha Patnaik

Department: Clinical Dentistry

Designation: Consultant - Dental Surgery

Qualification: B.D.S

Experience: 12 years

Languages known: English, Hindi

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Dr Manisha Patnaik currently working at Continental Hospitals. She has exceptional skills in silver amalgam Restoration, GIC restoration, composite fillings, complete denture preparation, fixed partial dentures, and other dental procedures. She has a total of 10 years of experience. She is very hard-working, self-motivated, and determined in her work and has good communication skills. She also has a natural ability to adapt to new situations easily and is a fast learner.


● Case History Recording
● Oral prophylaxis and polishing
● Silver amalgam Restoration
● GIC Restoration(also with miracle mix)
● Composite Fillings
● Extractions
● X-Ray (both IOPA and OPG)
● Alginate Impressions
● Complete Denture Preparation
● Removal Fixed Partial Denture
● Fixed Partial Denture
● Pedo Extraction
● Pit and Fissure sealants
● Direct Pulp Capping
● Dental Implants

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