Department of Hematology, Hemato-oncology, BMT & Cellular Therapy

The department of hematology, bone marrow transplants, hemato-oncology & cellular therapy at Continental Hospitals offers excellence in treatment & care for all blood & blood related disorders. Continental Hospitals is one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad for bone marrow transplants including pediatric bone marrow transplants.

Providing treatment for patients suffering from blood disorders such anemia, deep vein thrombosis, hemophilia, thalassemia, and cancers of the blood, lymphatic system and bone marrow, Continental Hospitals is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly skilled team of BMT specialists for world class care.

Continental Hospital is the best hospital for treatment of blood cancers including - Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, as well as conditions such as Aplastic Anemia, Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease, Hemophagocytic Syndromes, Immune-deficiencies and others. Treatment is provided for both adult & juvenile patients, with dedication and empathy.

Offering superior patient care & excellent patient outcomes, Continental Hospitals has an excellent pedigree in the treatment of blood-related disorders. In addition to the excellent treatment facilities, Continental Hospitals remains steadfastly committed to a holistic patient-experience. Our clinicians take a personalized approach to patients, especially children ensuring the best patient-outcomes.

Diseases & Conditions

Department of hematology & bone marrow transplants at Continental Hospitals provides evidence-based treatment & care for a wide array of blood disorders as listed below:

  • Anemia

  • Hemophilia

  • Sickle-cell Anemia

  • Thalassemia

  • Aplastic Anemia

  • Lymphoma

  • Multiple Myeloma

  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Leukemia

  • Immune Deficiencies


The department of hematology & bone marrow transplants at Continental Hospitals is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities for the early detection and diagnosis of all types of blood & blood-related disorders. Diagnosis for blood disorders required advanced and accurate investigations as listed below:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) – This is used to detect a wide range of hematological disorders. It is also helpful in evaluating the overall health of the patient. This procedure measures the different components of blood, which are

    • Red blood cells (RBC) – these are the cells that carry oxygen to all parts of the body

    • White blood cells (WBC) – these are a part of the body’s immune system and help in fighting infections.

    • Platelets – these cells help in clotting of blood in case of injury

    • Hematocrit red blood cell volume (HCT) – this is the proportion of red blood cells versus the fluid component (or plasma) of blood.

    • Hemoglobin (HB) – this is the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells.

    • Differential white blood count – there are different types of WBCs in the body. This count measures each type of WBC present in blood.

    • Red blood cell indices – these are measurements that give information about hemoglobin content and size of RBCs.

Any abnormal value or deformity in any of these counts can indicate an underlying medical condition. This would be further evaluated by the doctor to arrive at the best course of treatment. These tests are also useful in monitoring an existing condition or course of treatment.

  • Prothrombin time (PT), Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) and International Normalized Ratio (INR) – these tests determine whether your blood is clotting normally to ensure that there is no excessive bleeding at the time of surgery. It is also useful in evaluating the efficacy of blood clotting or thinning medication.

  • Bone marrow biopsy – this test is to evaluate a sample of bone marrow from the body. Bone marrow is responsible for producing blood cells and it is the innermost soft part of the bones. A sample is removed from the body using a small needle and checked for abnormalities.

Early diagnosis and treatment are key in successfully managing or treating hematological conditions. Our team of expert panel of doctors ensure that every patient undergoes a thorough and necessary diagnostic procedures to identify blood disorders early, accurately, and adequately to arrive at an appropriate treatment plan.


The department of hematology, bone marrow transplants, hemato-oncology & cellular therapy at Continental Hospitals offers excellence in treatment & care for all types of blood & blood-related disorders. An expert panel of specialists with decades of experience in treatment of all types of blood disorders & infectious diseases, state of the art infrastructure, and an unmatched pedigree in bone marrow transplants, makes us one of the best hospitals for treatment of blood-related disorders.

A bone marrow transplant is employed for the treatment of blood cancers & acute blood disorders. The procedure replaces the existing bone marrow of the patient, damaged by disease, infection, or cancer etc., with that of a healthy patient. This promotes growth of new bone marrow and thereby resulting in the production of new blood cells.

At Continental Hospitals, we also undertake pediatric bone marrow transplants for patients who may be suffering from congenital disorders.

During a BMT procedure, healthy stem cells taken either from a donor, or harvested from the healthy cells from the patient’s own body. In the second case, it is cells that have been harvested from the patient before start of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Conditions wherein, a BMT procedure is helpful include:

  • Aplastic anemia – this is disorder in which the marrow stops making new blood cells

  • Leukemia – this is the cancer of body’s blood forming tissue, which includes the marrow and the lymphatic system.

  • Lymphoma – this is a cancer of the lymphatic system. This system includes the lymph nodes, spleen, thymus gland and bone marrow. Lymphoma reduces the capacity of the body to fight infections and makes the person immunocompromised.

  • Multiple myeloma – this is a cancer of the plasma, a type of white blood cells. These cells multiply and accumulate in large numbers, damaging and crowding out healthy cells.

  • Damaged bone marrow due to chemotherapy – Chemotherapy and radiation therapy used in oncology treatment can have side effects. One of them is damage to the bone marrow. In such patients, BMT has been found to be especially useful.

  • Congenital neutropenia – this is a genetic disorder which is inherited by the patient. This results in recurring infections due to the deficiency of neutrophils in the body. Neutrophils are a type of WBC that fight infections and play a role in inflammation.

  • Sickle cell anemia – this is a type of genetic disorder where the shape of the red blood cells is improper. This makes them inefficient in carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. The cells can also block flow of blood because of being misshapen.

  • Thalassemia – this is again a congenital defect where there is severe deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood. The body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin or cannot make enough hemoglobin. This results in destruction of RBCs and reduced oxygen in the body.

Technology & Facilities

The department of department of hematology, bone marrow transplants, hemato-oncology & cellular therapy at Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad is known as one of the best hospitals for blood & blood-related disorders. We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide excellent patient-experiences and improved patient-outcomes the for every single one of our patients.

Continental Hospitals has consistently set a benchmark for the highest standards of medical care. Equipped with state-of-the-art operation theatres and advanced infrastructure to deliver excellence in hemato-oncology care. We have expert panel of pulmonologists perform both adult & pediatric bone marrow transplants with excellent outcomes.

The facilities at Continental Hospitals for the treatment of blood disorders include:

  • World class laboratory for accurate diagnosis & investigations

  • State-of-the-art operation suites for best BMT outcomes

  • Advanced post-op & ICU areas for improved patient recovery

Our Doctors

Continental Hospitals in Hyderabad are one of the few facilities in India that offers this comprehensive program. To do so, it has assembled a team of surgeons, transplant specialists, cardiologists, intensivists, anesthetists, heart transplant co-coordinators, nurses, care managers, physiotherapists, dietitians, and other paramedical and support staff to make it one of the frontrunners for heart transplants in India. Their heart transplant specialists are the very best in Hyderabad and the country, being extremely qualified, experienced and skilled at their trade. They stay abreast of the latest by regular training and collaboration with co-surgeons across the globe. The entire team is determined and dedicated and will accompany you on this journey to a renewed lease of life. Their involvement stays from diagnosis through surgery and the stay in the hospital and after recovery to manage your care at every stage. They educate the patient and the family about the entire process, the dos, and don'ts and share the emotional aspect of the journey. The team is supported by a robust infrastructure to handle all the varied needs of this department. Together they make Continental Hospitals the best hospital in Hyderabad for heart transplant surgery in Hyderabad.

Dr S K Gupta | HOD - Hematology & BMT
Dr S K Gupta

M.B.B.S, M.D, D.M

HOD - Hematology & BMT

Dr AVS Suresh | Sr Consultant - Medical Oncology & Hematology
Dr AVS Suresh


Sr Consultant - Medical Oncology & Hematology

HOD & Sr Consultant - HPB Surgery & Liver Transplants
Dr Senthil Kumar


HOD & Sr Consultant - HPB Surgery & Liver Transplants

What diseases does hematology treat? 

Hematology is the study of blood and blood related disorders, thus the department of hematology deals with diseases of the blood. This includes blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. 

Is hematology related to cancer? 

Yes, hematology is the brand of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancers associated with the blood. The commonly known blood cancers include leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, aplastic anemia, amyloidosis, and others.

What are the 3 most common blood disorders? 

The most common forms of blood cancers include – anemia, hemophilia, blood clots, cancers of the blood, leukocytosis amongst others.

Why would someone need a bone marrow transplant? 

A bone marrow transplant is required for patients suffering from blood-related cancers & disorders. The procedure replaces diseased or malfunctioning bone marrow with healthy bone marrow cells either from the individual or a donor.

What is the main cause of leukemia? 

While there is no cause associated with leukemia, certain genetic and environmental factors are known to increase the risk of developing the condition. These include undergoing previous cancer treatment, exposure to chemicals such as benzene, smoking, and family history of leukemia.

What are the warning signs of lymphoma? 

Swelling of lymph nodes, persistent fatigue & fever, unexplained weight loss, itchiness of the skin, and night sweats are some of the common warning signs associated with lymphoma.

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